We all have different roles in our life… we play our roles as parents, husbands or wives, employees or employers, friends, neighbours, lovers, religious people etc…. These relational behaviors come from only one mind.
The human mind has a great power to act on every situation by managing behavioural function itself!
When we are feeling peaceful, we don’t think of anger. When we likesomeone, we don’t think of hating that person.
When we pray to God we behave like a full devotee to him.
While we kill animals or eat animals, we don’t care about kindness.
We are not gentle when we speak bad words to others or when we hate their belief.
We have created temple, masjid, church for our mental peace and wellness…but we can easily kill thousands of people in war to protect our survival boundaries.
We can fight for our religion by killing other people of other religion.
We care for our family and children and women but we are not as gentle with others.
We are the most intelligent yet foolish at the same time..
We are humans … best and most worst species on this Earth.
We are great actors, we can manifest different actions and behavior for our survival.
We have all kinds of good and bad behavior….
These is our evolutionary progress from stone age to a step on Moon.
Basically, we are self centred, selfish species on this Earth and our survival ( physical, mental and emotional ) is a fundamental source behind every action……. and every action is only a reaction of our mind!
We only have one brain who has a different compartment for everything….. we can bring any of the above expressions, action or behavior at anytime we need.
In the morning we worship God, and in the afternoon we hate or misbehave with someone or at lunch we eat meat. It all depends on us, there are no supernatural phenomena works or no GOD or DEMON lives outside of this body….
Understand your brain and your nature.. you are only a visitor on this planet…. You are not permanent… You are not a creator and that’s why you have no right to destroy or disturb someone else’s life…. Be a human and follow humanity!

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