Moon is a most important planet in Vedic Astrology. Moon sign and placement of Moon in horoscope acknowledge the mental activity and psychological behavior of that person!

Astrological calculations of maha-dasha ( periodic calculations of planet effect ) and Saturn sade-sati effect plus day to day predictions are calculated on the basis of Moon situation and transition.

Moon is a governor of our mind! It is our personal natural satellite who transmit the cosmic energy onto the Earth from the Universe. Evolution of life onto the Earth would not be possible without Moon influence. ( It is all scientific nothing superstitious! )

Our psychological behavior and emotions depend on our brain secretions which produce different neurochemicals for everything, whatever we behave with ourselves or others! Our basic emotions and feelings, like Love, Anger, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Thoughts etc.. are nothing but the results of the neurons and brain interaction!

Our brain functions are working under bio-electromagnetic system. These bioelectromagnetic field can be disturbed by geomagnetic field of Earth! We all know about Lunar ( Moon ) gravitation which is responsible for tides in Ocean. Different Lunar phases also makes disturbance on Earth’s geomagnetic field which are the most influential effects on our mind hence body!

Your Moon sign and placement of the Moon and it’s strength as per astrological calculations can explain everything about your mental health, behavior and wellness!


Rhythmic chanting of ‘OM’ 108 times ( or more ) and meditation is beneficial for……,1) High blood pressure 2) Stress 3) Anxiety 4) Nervousness 5) Respiratory system 6) Improve lungs function and best of all its improve overall health of brain functions hence beneficial to our overall health and well-being.

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