Vedic Science contains ancient theories for every aspect of wisdom for human well being!

Veda is an oldest Hindu scriptures. Veda means a wisdom & knowledge of spiritual science. It is the knowledge about self and pure consciousness. It is a science of self realization. It helps us to find out our true self called Soul ( Atman ) …which is the real God in our self! It is a divine way to get liberation from all miseries!

☆ Basically there are four text of Vedas, Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda.

☆ The Rigveda is a science of Mantras which are the sacred chants of the seers. Mantras are divine Sanskrit language and its word has a vibratory structure which has a divine strength to give positive energy to our mind & body constitution. Rigveda consist of most aspects of Vedic science like the practice of yoga, meditation, mantra and Ayurveda.

☆ The Sama Veda is a science of sound, veda of holy songs, melodies. Mantras sung in a musical forms to improve positive vibrations of mind and emotions. The Rigveda is the word, the Sama Veda is the song or the meaning. The Rigveda is the knowledge and the Sama Veda is its realization.

☆ The Yajur Veda is a science of rituals. It is an action of yogic practice for purifying the mind and awakening the inner consciousness.

☆ The Atharva Veda is additional collection of mantras. These mantras are for physical and psychological wellness of human life.The origin of Ayurveda is attributed to Atharva Veda.

☆ Mantras, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology  are the fundamentals of the Vedic system!

☆Vedic Mantras:  

Mantras are sacred chant which helps to keep our mind & body healthy and happy. It is a science of sound, vibrations and frequencies.

Scientifically when sound enter into the ear it converts into an electrical signal. This signal travels into the auditory nerve to the part of the brain which process sound, the auditory cortex. From there, the signals travel throughout the brain, creating a variety of responses. The effects of sound in the brain include evoking emotions, triggering the release of stress chemicals and impacting the development of new neural pathways in the brain.

☆ Every mantras have particular frequencies and vibrations which evokes our emotions and trigger positive secretions in the body.

☆ Our whole body functions controlled by the king gland hypothalamus. Our nervous system is a network of cells called neurons which transmit information in the form of electrical signals. Neurons communicate with each other at special junctions where chemicals help to bridge the gap between one neuron and the next!

☆ These chemicals or hormones secretion can be produce positively to  heal our mind & body constitution with the help of mantra chanting and listening.

☆ Vedic Meditation & Yoga:

☆ Meditation is the process of……” Concentrating Mind To Connect At One Single Place By Eliminating Our Thoughts!”  

And Yoga are the methods to help achieve concentration and meditation and physical health.

☆Our mind is constantly thinking. Thoughts are the seed factor of our life. It influence us for everything what we behave with others or ourselves, our joy, pain, emotions, health, wealth, social or personal relationships and status everything is influenced by our thoughts. Everything begins with thought and will achieve a physical shape. Basically, we can achieve everything what we want either it is money, fame, health, happiness or spiritual growth by controlling our thoughts!

☆ Meditation is a way of exercising our brain which helps to trigger limbic system to stimulate pleasure centre in a hypothalamus. Limbic system is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions like fear, pleasure, anger, hunger, sex and our memories. Hence, through meditation we can reduce our stress level, improve brain power, control emotions, evoke bliss, creativity, concentration, productivity and health!


“Ayur” means “life” and Veda means knowledge! Ayurveda is about the knowledge of life  including physical & psychological aspects. It is described that how to make harmony between  higher self (Atman), mind (manas), prana ( life force ), senses and body.

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional medical practice which acknowledged simple healing methods to get optimal health, energy and vitality.  


Astrology called “Jyotish” means “light of God”. It is a science of cosmology. Veda believed that this whole universe and solar system is a single organism and we all living or nonliving, substance or live part of it. Basically human body is a microcosm, our constitution is same as our universe!

                 “Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde” …( Yajur veda)

As per above Sanskrit phrase  …. “As is the human body, so is the cosmic body, as is the cosmic body so is the human body” ……… what is going on within you is same as what’s going on in the Universe!

Vedic Astrology is just not a superstitious belief or theory, it is a science of time (kaal). We all are living in a boundaries of time. Time is a great creator and destroyer. Our birth to entire life and death, we live every moments under the certain time frame. Our growth, physical stage of age and psychological behavior like… thoughts, emotions & attitude, everything is changed time to time. We are living under controlled by the time! Astrology is begin with the time. “ Kaal Purusha kundali “ is the base of the astrology, “Kaal Purusha Kundali” is nothing but  the Horoscope (birth chart) of the time it self! It is the horoscope of the cosmic person! As every human body considered cosmic body so every birth have its own individual birth time and an unique horoscope! Every horoscope is an analogous calculation of birth time, birth place, position of the planets and nakshtra ( constellations ) in zodiac. Every horoscope manifest an unique details regarding person’s physical and psychological constitution, behavior and life predictions!

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